Ordering food on Deliveroo (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Get Started

      The splash screen doesn't do much other than show an image, a one liner, and a big "Get started" button.

    • 00:02
    • Location

      The first step is to set your delivery location.

    • 00:23
    • Home

      On the home page, you can browse through restaurants, or search.

    • 00:29
    • Search

      When you tap on the search icon, you can start typing to search, or tap on one of the tags.

    • 00:43
    • Restaurant

      On a restaurant page, you can start selecting which items you want to order, starting with the most popular ones at the top.

    • 00:49
    • Item

      When you've selected an item, you can select your extras before adding it to your basket.

    • 00:58
    • Basket

      In the basket, you can review your order details before proceeding to checkout. You can also add a promo code here.

    • 01:04
    • Log in or sign up

      At this point, you have to log in or sign up. We go ahead and create an account.

    • 01:44
    • Add address

      Once we go to checkout, we have to add an address and payment method, before finally placing the order.