What is UI Movement?

UI Movement started out as a newsletter that featured the best UI designs every day. The main real difference between UI Movement and other design inspiration sites, is that we focus exclusively on UI designs.

The concept cought on when UI Movement was launched on Product Hunt and was upvoted more than 1,000 times. It's since grown to 29,629 subscribers who are mainly designers, developers, and product people.

Since the original, simple newsletter format, UI Movement has been updated to make for easier browsing and filtering. Each new design is tagged so that you can easily find the most popular design animations for whatever design element you're interested in. For example, here you can see the most popular map design animations.

The designs on the site are submitted by the community and curated by myself.

UI Movement is build with Django on the back end. It's hosted on Digital Ocean.

Contact us

I'm always open to chat to real people. If you have questions, feedback, or just want to talk, you can email me ([email protected]) or find me on Twitter.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my designs featured?

Anyone can submit inspirational UI designs, but only 5 a day (on weekdays) get featured. Animations are featured most frequently and interesting/unique designs are preferred.

We don't feature non-UI designs, like logos, illustrations etc.

After you make a submission, your design will appear on the home page within 5 days if it's featured. If your submission is not featured and you think it should have been, please get in touch (email, Twitter)

Can I submit UI designs that are not created by me?

You can indeed, but please don't indicate that it is yours and add a source to where the original came from.

UI Movement is intended to be a collection of interesting UI designs (like a Pinterest collection), rather than a portfolio type site, so please share all interesting UI designs you come across!

The featured designs seem hard to implement, can you feature more realistic designs?

I believe there's room for more asparational/experimental design inspiration, like what is featured on UI Movement, as well as more realistic design inspiration. For more realistic designs, check out Page Flows.

Someone submitted my UI designs to UI Movement and I want them removed, what should I do?

Let me know and I'll get that sorted - (email, Twitter)

I came across a bug, how can I let you know about it?

Please get in touch - (email, Twitter)