Listing a property on Airbnb (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Become a host

      To get started with listing a property on AirBnB, we click the "Become a host" link in the header navigation menu.

      When we hover on this link, we get an estimate on how much we can earn per week based on our location.

    • 00:06
    • Start hosting

      On this page, we can add some details to get more accurate estimates about how much we can earn. We can also learn more about how hosting works, before clicking on a "Start hosting" process to continue.

    • 00:29
    • Steps

      This page essentially shows us the steps we're going to be going through to become a host. We get going by clicking the "continue" button

    • 00:31
    • Sign up

      We now have to sign up with Facebook. Google, or Email. We continue with the email option.

      Signing up with email means we have to fill in a basic sign up form.

    • 01:08
    • Things to know

      Now we've created our account, we're presented with a modal that tells us three things we should know about Airbnb.

    • 01:10
    • Property basic details

      Now we start adding details about our property, starting with the type of place and how many guests can stay.

    • 01:30
    • Location

      We now add the location of our property. We do this in two steps. The first is done with a form and the second is done with a map.

    • 02:53
    • More details

      We now select which amenities we have on offer and which spaces on the property that guests can use. After this, the first step of listing a property is done. We then move onto the sect step, which is "setting the scene."

    • 03:18
    • Setting the scene

      Now we've added basic property details, we "set the scene" by adding photos, a description, and a title.

    • 03:51
    • Build your description

      Instead of just having to write a description, we're provided with a smart way to "build our description" by selecting things that are nearby to our property and what we love about it.

      We can then edit the description that's automatically generated for us based on those choices. It's a super-smart way to ensure hosts add good descriptions.

    • 04:21
    • Title

      Now it's time to add a title to our listing. We're given example titles from similar listings near us.

    • 04:38
    • Add your photo

      Here, we're asked to add a photo of ourselves. We can do this with Facebook, or by uploading a photo. We can't skip this and we're told to make sure the photo clearly shows our face.

      If the photo doesn't look like it has a face in it, we're told to change it or confirm that it's a photo of us.

    • 04:50
    • Listing created

      Once we verify our number, our listing has been created and we can preview it.