Inviting friends on Uber Eats (iOS)

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    • Homepage

      There are various places in the app where you can access the "Free food" section. In the menu, there's a regular "Free food" option and a larger "Get £10 off your next order" option with an image at the bottom.

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    • £5 to £10

      The amount you earn for referring a friend has gone back up to £10 this week.

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    • Free food

      The "Free food" page includes an image, a large section showing you your referral code clearly, a description of what you get for referrals, and invite buttons.

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    • Share buttons A/B test

      This week we got the full-width share buttons with icons and text. The first one is for SMS, the second is for Email, and the third is for "More options." These share options use default iOS sharing, rather than an in-app contacts picker like last week.

    • 00:10
    • Send email

      We use the "Mail" button to send the invites using the default iOS email flow.

    • 00:17
    • Invites sent

      Once the invites are sent, the email popup closes and you're back in the Uber Eats app in the "Free food" section. There's no success message/feedback.