General browsing on Dasher (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Log in

      To get started, we log into a dasher account we've already created.

    • 00:14
    • Map view

      We land in a map view (which doesn't work properly because we're in the UK)

    • 00:19
    • Schedule

      On the schedule tab, we see a calendar, plus an error. I'm not really sure what's supposed to happen on this page.

    • 00:23
    • Account

      On the account tab, we can update some of our details and settings.

    • 00:31
    • Ratings

      On the ratings page, we can see some stats about our performance as a dasher.

    • 00:37
    • Earnings

      Here, we see our earnings. We're prompted to set up our direct deposit.

    • 00:57
    • Invite dasher

      On the map page, there's a banner prompting us to invite dashers. You can invite them with sms, email, Facebook, Twitter, or Facebook messenger.

    • 01:32
    • Settings

      On the settings page, you can select which mapping service you want to use.