Creating an email campaign on Mailchimp (Desktop Web)

    • 00:03
    • Create Campaign

      To get started with a new campaign, we click on the Campaigns option in the main navigation, then click on the "Create Campaign" button.

      This button is highlighted with a strange, hovering pointer.

    • 00:06
    • Campaign type

      We now select which type of campaign we want to send. The options have short descriptions about what they are. We continue with a "Regular campaign"

    • 00:11
    • Who we're sending to

      We now select whether we're sending to an entire email list or a segment. The entire list is the default option - we continue with that.

    • 00:17
    • Campaign info

      We now fill in a simple form with some of the campaign details. Some fields are pre-filled in based on what the list defaults are.

    • 00:37
    • Templates

      Now we need to select our email template. We can either pick a basic template, a theme, a saved template, or code our own. We continue with one of the basic templates.

    • 00:50
    • Template editor

      Once we land in the template editor, there's a modal notifying us that there new fonts we can use.

      In the template editor, we can change the contents of the email.

    • 01:30
    • Confirm and send

      Now we're ready to confirm and send our email. If there are any issues, we see them here and we can go back and resolve them.

      In this case we have a couple of issues. Our list has 0 subscribers, and we're using some default text in our email template. We go back to resolve the default text issue.