Driver signup on DoorDash (iOS)

    • 00:07
    • Become a dasher

      A menu item in the iOS app that says "become a dasher" links to a web view, where you can sign up to become a dasher.

      The first step is filling out a simple form that asks for your email, number, and Zip code.

    • 00:47
    • Driver Profile

      We're now asked for more information, like our name and date of birth. We also pick a password here so we can create our account.

    • 01:26
    • Background Check

      Now we're asked to provide our SSN number and our vehicle and licence information, before agreeing to background check disclaimers.

    • 02:03
    • Start orientation

      We now see a "Start orientation" page that does not much other than get us to click on a "Start Orientation" button.

    • 02:07
    • Welcome to DoorDash

      A "Welcome to DoorDash" screen with an image and not much else.

    • 02:15
    • The Video

      In this section there's a video about "A typical dash"

    • 02:22
    • Final Steps

      Here we're told to click on a link to let DoorDash know when and where they should deliver our new Dasher package.

      We're also told to download and check out the Dasher App.

    • 02:22
    • Final steps update

      In the previous recording, the final steps included more instructions and asked us to visit a nearby DoorDash office, rather than enter a place to get a delivery from DoorDash.

    • 02:33
    • Dasher package delivery

      The final step is to select a time and location to get the delivery of the Dasher package.