Creating a campaign on Indiegogo (Desktop Web)

    • 00:03
    • Raising for

      The first step after clicking the "Start a campaign" button is to select whether you're raising funds for a project or a cause.

    • 00:06
    • Sign up

      After selecting the project type, you need to create an account. You can do this with Facebook, or manually by filling a standard sign up form.

    • 00:28
    • Start a campaign

      Here you select how much you'd like to raise, and add your campaign title

    • 00:49
    • Basics

      Now you start to fill in the basics of your campaign, such as the title, tagline, image, location, category, etc.

      There's a "view campaign" link on this side bar that wasn't there during the previous recording.

    • 01:36
    • Story

      Here you start filling in the contents of your campaign, including images and story.

      Here you add your campaign video or image. We add an image.

    • 02:26
    • Perks

      Here you add perks to your campaign.

      The form for adding perks used to have a section for adding "items" and now no longer does. It just gives you a description field, where I presume you're supposed to describe the items offered with the perk.

    • 03:00
    • Team

      Now you add your team details, like the primary contact and team members.

    • 03:28
    • Funding

      Now you select your funding type and add your payment details.

    • 03:39
    • Extras

      On the Extras section, you can generate a draft share link, add a Facebook image, custom URL, Google Analytics ID, and more similar extras.

    • 04:19
    • InDemand

      Now you can participate in IndieGogo "InDemand" if you wish to, then review and launch your campaign.

    • 05:16
    • Launch

      The final step before launching your campaign, is reviewing your settings. A modal pops up with details of your campaign, showing you your goal, funding type, deadline, and payment details.

      If you're happy with everything, you can go ahead and click the "Launch campaign" button.