Buying something on ASOS (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Browse & search

      To find something to buy on ASOS, we can browse the home feed or search by tapping on the search icon in the footer menu.

      Here we try the search option. The search page has an input at the top that we can type our search query into. It also has various categories we can explore.

    • 00:07
    • Search results

      Search results show the product thumbnail images, prices, and like buttons.

    • 00:22
    • Product detail

      Tapping on a search listing lets us see more details about the product, including more images, a video, size guide, and more.

      We can browse related products, or we can go ahead and select the size we want and add the product to our bag.

    • 01:10
    • Bag

      Once we have products in our bag, we can tap on the bag icon on the footer menu to edit what's in it, or start the checkout process.

    • 01:21
    • Checkout

      When we're ready to check out, we can add our delivery details, promo codes, and payment details, before finally placing the order.