Booking a room on Airbnb (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Find a property

      To get started with booking a room on Airbnb, we fill in the form at the top of the home page. We add the location, dates, and number of guests.

    • 00:21
    • Search results

      Search results are presented in two ways. We can browse a grid of results, or a map.

      We can filter the results by type and price.

    • 00:57
    • Property details

      We click on one of the search results to view it in more detail. When the property listing opens, we get a modal asking us to sign up or log in, but we can dismiss it by clicking away.

      The property page lets us see more photos, details, reviews, and more.

      If we're ready to book the property, we click on one of the book buttons.

    • 01:17
    • Sign up

      Before we can continue with the booking, we have to sign up. We can sign up with Facebook, Google, or email.

      We choose the email option and continue by filling in a simple sign up form.

    • 01:58
    • Things to know

      Now we've created our account, we're presented with a modal that tells us three things to know about Airbnb.

    • 02:12
    • Continue booking

      We can now continue with the booking by clicking a book button again. When we do that, we're told we need to confirm a few things first.

    • 02:25
    • Add a profile photo

      We're asked to add a profile photo. We can do this using Facebook or by uploading an image. This can't be skipped.

      If the photo doesn't look like it has a face in it, we're asked to change it or confirm that it's actually a photo of us.

    • 02:40
    • Confirm number and email

      Now we have to add and verify our phone number and email.

    • 03:08
    • Complete booking

      Now we need to add some preferences and payment details, before completing our booking.