Backing a project on Kickstarter (Mobile web)

    • 00:03
    • Select a reward

      You can back a project by clicking the "Back This Project" button at the top, or by selecting a reward. We try selecting a reward first.

    • 00:09
    • Pledge amount

      When you tap on a reward, you can edit your pledge amount before continuing. We try to add a pledge amount that's less than what's required for the reward to see what happens. As expected, we can't continue.

    • 00:16
    • Back This Project

      Now we scroll back up and try the flow with the "Back This Project" button. Tapping on it takes us to a page where we can either select a reward again or make a pledge without one.

    • 00:29
    • Payment

      Now we choose our payment method and complete the pledge.

    • 00:45
    • Done

      The pledge has been made. The "success" page has a couple of big share buttons on it for sharing on Twitter or Facebook.