Backing a project on Kickstarter (Desktop Web)

    • 00:04
    • Select a reward

      You can back a project by clicking the "Back this project" button in the header, or by selecting a reward from the sidebar. Here we select a reward.

      We try entering a pledge amount less than what's required for the reward, but as expected, we can't continue with this and the "pledge amount" field error is highlighted with a red border.

    • 00:14
    • Back this project

      Now we click the "Back this project" button in the header

    • 00:17
    • Select a reward

      We can also select our reward here, or "Make a pledge without a reward." We choose to make the pledge without a reward.

    • 00:21
    • Pledge amount

      The currency part of the pledge amount field is slightly different to the previous recording. It's now in a light grey box, where it was previously just text.

    • 00:28
    • Payment

      Now we select out payment method. Here we select to use a card that's already on file.

    • 00:35
    • Done

      Now the pledge has been made. We're shown how many other people have supported the project, with some of their profile images.

      There are also fairly large and clear "Tweet" and "Share" buttons, with a short-link that can also be copied and shared.