Applying as a candidate on Catalant (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Apply to be an expert

      To find the "Apply to be an expert" button, we click on the "Our Experts" link in the main navigation and scroll down.

    • 00:16
    • Sign up form

      Now we fill in a simple sign up form to begin our application.

    • 00:33
    • Verify email

      We need to verify our email before we can continue with out application.

    • 01:20
    • Complete profile

      We can now complete our profile so we can start applying for positions. We can import from LinkedIn, or edit each section manually.

      We can see which sections need to be completed and work through them.

    • 05:31
    • Confirm Submission

      Once the profile is complete, we submit it for approval.

    • 05:37
    • Account activated for bidding

      The account is then instantly activated for bidding.

    • 05:47
    • Discover proposals

      Since the account has been activated for bidding, we can now browse and bid on proposals.