Recording & sharing a video on Youtube (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Video camera icon

      To start recording a video to share on Youtube, you tap the video camera icon in the top navigation.

      You then need to allow Youtube access to your photos, camera, and microphone so you can start to record.

    • 00:10
    • Upload or record

      Here you can either upload videos if you have any, or start recording by tapping the "Record" button and icon.

    • 00:12
    • Record video

      To record a video, you tap on the big red button to start, then again to stop.

    • 00:20
    • Edit video

      You can now trip and lightly edit your video.

    • 00:31
    • Music

      You can add music to your video.

    • 00:59
    • Create channel

      Once you're ready to upload your video, you need to create a channel before you can upload it.

    • 01:06
    • Video options

      Now you can configure your video by adding a title, description, and selecting whether you want it to be public, unlisted, or private.

    • 01:32
    • Video uploading

      Now the video is uploading and processing. Once it's uploaded fully, you'll be notified.