Searching on Pinterest (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Search icon

      To start a search, we tap on the search icon in the footer navigation menu.

    • 00:02
    • Search page

      On the search page, we can see a feed of "Today's picks" or we can switch to feeds of various categories. To start searching, we tap the search field at the top, then start typing.

    • 00:07
    • Search results

      On the search results page we get some word blocks under the search field of related searches we can try. Under that are the search result pins.

    • 00:15
    • Filter

      We can filter our search results by tapping on the funnel icon on the right of the search field. We can filter by Pins, People, and Boards. We can also filter to only show our own pins or "buyable" pins.