Searching on Instagram (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Search tab

      To start searching on Instagram, we go tap the search icon in the footer menu.

      On this tab, we can start searching by tapping on the search input at the top of the page, or we can explore photos, images, and "Stories."

    • 00:05
    • Search results

      Search results start to appear as you type. The default results are "Top" results, which are a combination of tags and people.

      You can filter the results by Top, People, Tags, and Places.

    • 00:15
    • Tag results

      If you're trying to find actual posts, the best way to do so is to tap on one of the tag results as we do here.

      The post results are organised into "Top posts" and "Most recent." You can browse related tags at the top of the results.