Invite code redeeming on Uber Eats (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Email Invite

      The email invite contains a link to Uber Eats app and a referral code. Once in the app store, you can download or open Uber eats.

    • 00:09
    • Signup/login

      The user then needs to create an account or sign in to use their referral code. We go ahead and sign in here.

    • 00:43
    • Find the "Promotions" section

      Once in the app, we find the "promotions" section from the menu.

    • 00:47
    • Apply promotion code

      The promotions page is super simple. It's just a field for the promo code and an "apply" button.

      After entering a valid code and hitting "Apply," there's a success/error message and then you can exit the promotions section.

    • 00:50
    • Internal server error

      There was an error this time while trying to apply the code.