Invite code redeeming on DoorDash (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Invite email

      The invite email mentions the reward of $7 towards your first delivery in the title. It gives you a few more details, and a "Redeem your credits" button.

    • 00:11
    • Signup to get credits

      Clicking on the "Redeem your credits" button in the email takes you to a web page on asking you to sign up to get your credits. You can sign up with Facebook or with your email.

    • 00:48
    • Verify number

      Now we have to verify our phone number.

    • 00:57
    • Success

      Once you're registered and your phone number has been validated, you get a success message.

      You're redirected back to Doordash from this page automatically.

    • 01:01
    • Homepage

      Last week, we were redirected to a DoorDash homepage that looked different. This week it's back to how it used to look.