Ordering something on Prime Now (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Enter a zip code to shop

      If Prime Now delivers to your area, you get the option to sign in or browse as guest. We choose to browse as guest here.

    • 00:10
    • Home feed

      Here you can browse a feed of categories, select local stores to shop at, or search for items.

      There's also a "deals" section under the search bar that shows what offers are currently available.

    • 00:39
    • Signed out Basket

      In the shopping basket, you can review your items, or continue by signing in with Amazon You can't actually sign up to a Prime account in the app, so you have to have one already.

    • 00:51
    • Signed in Basket

      If you have less than $20 worth of items in your basket, you can't proceed. You're given the amount you need to add to your basket to reach $20 and there's a big "Add more items" button.

    • 01:11
    • Checkout

      Once your basket is full, the message about needing to order more than $20 worth of items is gone and there's now a Checkout option.

      After clicking the Checkout button, you can select your shipping preferences, then, complete your order.