Ordering food on DoorDash (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Onboarding Screens

      To start, there are four onboarding screens you can optionally swipe through before you're ready to click the "Get Started" button.

    • 00:10
    • Add Location

      The first stage of signing up is adding your location. You can use your current location, or enter an address.

      Once you've entered your address, you have a chance to confirm it and add "Dasher instructions"

    • 00:34
    • Homepage

      On the homepage, you can browse through a feed of restaurants, or select a category from a carousel at the top.

    • 00:34
    • Menu/Full-app A/B test

      For the last couple of weeks, we've seen a version of DoorDash with a side-panel menu, and a different design throughout the app.

      This week, we're back to the version we've been seeing for the prior few months. The version with the tabbed footer menu and the carousel on the homepage.

    • 00:53
    • Search

      When you tap on the search icon, you can either start typing to search, or select one of the "trending" searches.

    • 00:53
    • Trending searches

      Last week, we saw "recent" searches under the search field. This week, it's back to showing trending searches. This seems to be part of the overall a/b test on the app.

    • 01:07
    • Restaurant

      Once you've selected your restaurant, you can browse through their categories.

    • 01:17
    • Item

      Here you can pick which extras you want, customisation options, quantity and what the dasher should do if the item you want has sold out.

      You can also add notes to your order here, before adding your item to your cart.

    • 01:29
    • Cart

      Once you've signed up, you see a summary of your order, and can continue by tapping the "Checkout" button in the footer.

    • 01:34
    • Sign up

      When you're ready to checkout, you tap the dark banner in the footer, then sign up with Facebook or with your email.

    • 02:03
    • Checkout

      After you've signed up, you can add a payment method, select how much you want to tip your dasher, then place your order.