Onboarding on Snapchat (iOS)

    • 00:04
    • Log in/Sign up

      To get started, we tap on the "Sign up" button.

    • 00:08
    • Your name

      Now we add our name and accept the terms.

    • 00:15
    • Birthday

      We now add our birthday.

    • 00:24
    • Pick a username

      Here we pick our username. We're given a default to start with and can generate more usernames if we're struggling to think of something ourself.

    • 00:31
    • Password

      Now we pick our password. We can choose to make the password we're typing visible by tapping on the "show" button.

    • 00:41
    • Email & Phone

      Here we add our email address. We can choose to "sign up with phone instead."

    • 01:16
    • Find your friends

      Now we can find friends using Snapchat from our contacts. We can skip this step using the button in the top-right.

    • 01:36
    • Done

      After accepting some permissions, we're fully onboarded and land on the camera viewfinder. There's a note here explaining how to take photos & videos.

    • 01:49
    • Welcome to Snapchat

      There's a message in the Chat section for us from Team Snapchat. It's a welcome video that gives us more of an idea of what we can do with Snapchat.