Onboarding on Netflix (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Join free for a month

      The call to action here is clear, so we get started by clicking the large, red "Join free for a month" button.

    • 00:04
    • Select tier

      Here we can select which tier we want to go with. The Premium tier is selected by default, but we're told we can downgrade or upgrade at any time.

      We get continue with the Basic tier.

    • 00:16
    • Email & Password

      Here we add our email and password (and opt out of getting special offer emails)

    • 00:27
    • Payment

      Here we add our payment details. We can use a credit/debit card, gift card, or PayPal. We continue with PayPal.

    • 00:45
    • Welcome to Netflix

      We are now subscribed to Netflix. We're asked to provide our phone number as a password recovery option, which could come in handy later. The phone number is required to continue.

    • 01:00
    • Devices

      Here we can select which devices we'll be planning to watch Netflix on. I'm not sure what difference this makes to our account, but we select some devices and continue.

    • 01:09
    • Users

      Here you can add user name for people who will be using your Netflix account.

      There seems to be no mention here of how many people can use an account at a time - this would have been an ideal spot to mention the rules around this.

    • 01:21
    • Kids

      Now you can select which users will be 12 and under, so the content they have access to is restricted.

    • 01:32
    • Choose shows you like

      Here we're asked to select three shows we like, so Netflix has a better idea of what types of show we would enjoy watching.

      When you continue, we see a loading animation while Netflix is personalised for us.

    • 01:51
    • Done

      We're now fully onboarded on Netflix. We just need to verify our phone number.