Onboarding on Letgo (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Sign up prompt

      When we first open the app, we're prompted to sign up, but we can skip this by tapping on the "x" in the top-left corner. We go ahead and do that.

    • 00:04
    • Notification

      We're now asked to accept notifications from Letgo.

    • 00:08
    • Post your first product

      We're now prompted to post our first product. This is clearly an action Letgo want new users to take, so we go ahead and start the process even though we could have skipped it by tapping on the "x" in the top-left corner.

    • 00:15
    • Photo

      The first step of adding a product to sell on Letgo is taking a photo of it.

    • 00:25
    • Add price

      Now we add the price.

    • 00:30
    • Sign up

      We actually have to sign up now to post the product, so we go ahead and do that with the regular sign up option.

      We also have the option to continue with Facebook or Google.

    • 01:03
    • Item is posted

      Now we've created our account, our item has been posted. We can now add more details to the listing, post another item, or explore some categories.

    • 01:11
    • Rate us

      Here we're prompted to rate Letgo. We skip this for now.