Onboarding on Intercom (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Get started

      To get started, we add our email to the field in the top right corner and click the "Get Started" button.

    • 00:10
    • Create your account

      We can sign up with Google, or fill in a form to create our account. We go ahead and fill out the form.

    • 00:36
    • Start a free triel

      This page doesn't really do much other than ask us to start a free trial to talk to our customers, with a bug button saying "Start your trial now".

      Below the big call to action is another, less visible option: "Or just track your customer data"

    • 00:42
    • Choose account type

      There are various account types at Intercom and here we're asked to pick which we want to try out.

      We continue with the "Acquire" option.

    • 00:52
    • Choose plan

      Now we pick which plan we want to continue with. We continue with the Lite plan.

    • 00:57
    • Audience Size

      Now we're asked to estimate our audience size. We provide this using a slider.

    • 01:06
    • Review Subscription

      Finally, we review our subscription, before "getting this subscription.

    • 01:13
    • Payment

      We now add our payment details so we can pay for the subscription. Some of this has been cropped out of the video to avoid payment details being leaked.

    • 01:33
    • Subscription started

      We're now subscribed, so we can head to the dashboard to get started.

      On the dashboard, there's a clear & helpful section called "Get started with intercom," but the majority of it just shows things we've already done.

      I click on one of them, then click next to continue.

    • 02:01
    • Install Intercom

      Here we can pick how we install Intercom. We select "Basic JavaScript" and are provided with a code snippet we can paste on our site.