Onboarding on 5miles (iOS)

    • 00:04
    • Sign up

      When we first open 5miles, we can browse through some slides that explain what the app is about, or get going right away by signing up with Facebook, Google, or with out email address.

      While on this section, we get alerts prompting us to enable both notifications and location tracking.

      We continue with the regular email sign up option.

    • 00:15
    • Sign up form

      Here we fill out a simple sign up form.

    • 00:35
    • Add a photo

      Here we're asked to add a profile photo and are told it makes members feel more comfortable when dealing with us.

      We can skip this by tapping on the skip button in the top-left.

    • 00:38
    • Find contacts

      Here we can find contacts to follow on 5miles.

    • 00:42
    • Follow neighbours

      Now we are provided with neighbours we can follow. There's an option to follow all. We can skip doing this by tapping on the "X" in the top-left.

    • 00:55
    • Done

      We're now onboarded and ready to explore 5miles.