Listing a product on Poshmark (iOS)

    • 00:02
    • Sell

      To get started with listing an item, you tap on the "Sell" button in the footer navigation menu. This opens into your camera.

    • 00:06
    • Covershot

      Once you've taken a photo of whatever you're selling, you can add a filter and edit it to create your covershot.

    • 00:11
    • Listing details

      Now we can add more photos of our product, as well as some extra details. As this is a fashion app, a lot of fashion-related details, such as the size, are required.

    • 01:17
    • Sharing

      Once you submit your details, you're prompted to add some sharing options. Pinterest is recommended strongly here, with stats that suggest that connecting Pinterest can increase sales by up to 23%.

      You can connect with Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

    • 01:28
    • Done

      Our item has now been listed. We're redirected back to the home feed where we can now see the item we just listed.