Finding hotels on Hipmunk (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Search Hotels

      To start searching for hotels, we tap on the "Hotels" tab on the footer navigation menu.

      We then enter our location, dates, and number of rooms/guests. Default selections are made for us.

    • 00:12
    • Search results

      As the search results start to appear, we see progress updates, including where the search results are coming from.

      The hotel listings show a thumbnail image, title, star rating, and average number of reviews. They also show some of the amenities, such as free wi-fi.

    • 00:20
    • Sorting & Filtering

      You can sort and filter the results in various ways, including "Ecstasy." There's a "what's this?" button to explain what sorting by "Ecstasy" actually does.

    • 00:45
    • Hotel Details

      Once you click on a listing, you can see more details about your chosen hotel. These include extra images, pricing information, reviews, and more.