Finding hotels on Expedia (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Hotel search

      To search for hotels, we click on the "Hotels" option from the options at the top of the home page.

      We then select the location and dates. Defaults options are selected for us.

    • 00:08
    • Search animation

      While we're waiting for search results, we can enjoy a nice loading animation that moves if we tilt our iPhone.

    • 00:17
    • Search results

      Search result listings show us a thumbnail, title, rating, price, and distance from our chosen location.

    • 00:28
    • Map view

      If we prefer, we can look at the search results on a map.

    • 00:45
    • Filtering

      We can filter our results by price, distance, rating, and +VIP access.

    • 01:00
    • Hotel details

      The hotel detail pages include more images, a map, reviews, and more. You can continue by clicking the "Select Room" button, or you can use the "Book by phone" button at the bottom of the listing.

    • 01:15
    • Select room

      If we're happy with the hotel, we can select which type of room we'd like to stay in. Once we do that, we can see the full price details and continue with the booking.

    • 01:22
    • Book room

      To book the room, we add our guest and payment details.