Finding flights on Kayak (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Flight Search

      To get started with our flight search, we select our From, To, dates, number of people traveling, and flight class.

    • 00:16
    • Search Results

      Search result listings show us basic flight information with an "info" button so we can get more details about each listing.

    • 00:22
    • Filtering

      The search results can be filtered in a few ways, ranging from the number of stops, to the "quality" of the flights.

    • 00:48
    • Price confidence

      Here we see an explanation of what the price confidence number means. We can also see price history for the flights and can subscribe for price alert notifications.

    • 00:55
    • Flight details

      The flight detail pages show you more information about your selected option such as the type of airplane.

      There are also two large floating action buttons at the top. The first is "Save" and the second, colored button is "Book Now."

    • 01:05
    • Book

      Once we click the "Book Now" button, we can get started with booking the flights.

      We have to add the traveler details, choose whether we want trip protection, then add our payment details.

      We can add payment details by manually typing out our card details or by scanning our card with the iPhone camera.