Finding flights on Expedia (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Search flights

      To start searching for slights, we tap on the "Flights" icon from the options at the top of the homepage.

    • 00:03
    • Flight search details

      We now add details such as our departure and arrival airports and dates.

    • 00:21
    • Search animation

      While we wait for search results, we get a nice search animation that we can move around with the touch gesture.

    • 00:39
    • Search results

      The search result page has a background image that's related to your chosen destination.

      The listings themselves show a title, time, price, and how many stops the flights have.

    • 00:42
    • Flight listing details

      Tapping on a listing gives you more details about your flight, including baggage fee information.

    • 01:35
    • Trip details

      Once you've selected your inbound and outbound, you can see the total price as well as more details for the full trip.

      Tapping on the price gives you a breakdown of what the total price is made up of.

    • 01:45
    • Checkout

      When you're happy with the trip details, you cap on the "Checkout" button in the top-right to continue.

      At this stage, you can add some preferences, travel details, payment details, then confirm the purchase of your flights.