Driver signup on Uber (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Sign up

      You can sign up to become a driver right on the home page. You start by filling out a simple form that asks for basic details such as your name, email, and number.

    • 00:35
    • Driver Type

      Here we pick how we'd like to partner with Uber. The options are UberX, UberTaxi, delivery by bicycle, and deliver with a car. We continue with the Deliver with a car option.

    • 00:49
    • Vehicle

      In this section, you have to select one of two options. The first being that you have a qualified vehicle, and the second being that you need a vehicle.

      The first option shows you what's required for a qualified vehicle, and the second lets you know that there are lease options available. We continue with the "I have a qualified vehicle" option.

    • 00:59
    • Safety Check

      You're asked for your social security number in this section for a safety check. You're then shown a disclosure that you have to agree to and accept before continuing.

    • 01:07
    • Agree to terms checkbox

      Last week, when agreeing to the background check disclosure, we had to check a box before continuing. This week, we just click "I agree & acknowledge"

      This seems to change every week or so, so is probably an A/B test.

    • 01:14
    • Driver's Licence

      In this section you're asked to upload your driver's licence. You can either take a photo with your phone, or upload a photo.

    • 01:26
    • Vehicle Insurance

      Here we're asked to upload our Vehicle Insurance. There's a choice to take a photo with your phone, or upload a photo.

    • 01:36
    • Vehicle Registration

      This section is the same as the previous "Vehicle Insurance" section, except you're asked to upload a photo of your vehicle registration instead.

    • 01:46
    • Download partner app

      To continue from this section, you click a "text me the link" button, which texts you a link to the Uber partner app.

    • 01:55
    • Pick up delivery bag

      At this step, we're told to pick up a delivery bag. We can find pickup locations near us (this step didn't seem to work for me - probably because I'm in the UK)