Driver signup on Postmates (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Become a Postmate

      You can find the option to become a "Postmate" in the main menu on the iOS app.

    • 00:06
    • Sign up

      When you select that option, you're directed to the website where you can sign up to become a Postmate. You're asked for your email and password to get started.

    • 00:25
    • More details

      You're then asked for more details like your name, device, market, and type of vehicle.

    • 01:13
    • Driver's Licence & Address

      At this stage, you're asked for your driver's licence details and then your home address.

    • 02:10
    • Fleet agreement

      Here you have to read and accept a fleet agreement, before also accepting a background check disclosure.

    • 02:19
    • Background check

      More agreeing to disclosures, this time for background checks.

      You have to enter your social security number to agree to the background checks and continue.

    • 02:40
    • Book onboarding session

      At this stage you're asked to book in for an onboarding session.

      You're presented with a location and a list of available dates/times that you have to choose from before finally submitting your application.

    • 02:48
    • Done

      Once your application is submitted, you're told your application is being processed and you should expect an email.

      There's also a "What is Postmates?" video you can watch here.