Driver signup on Lyft (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Sign up form

      We get started by filling in the driver sign up form on the home page. The form looks like it just asks for a phone number initially, but once you click on the field it expands to ask for more details.

    • 00:27
    • Verify phone number

      Now we have to verify our phone number. Note that Twilio numbers don't work here, but they do on most sign up flows. The number in this case had to be real.

    • 00:33
    • Vehicle Information

      Here we add our vehicle information. We can add our own vehicle, or use an express drive rental.

      We go ahead an add our own. This involves filling in a form with car details.

    • 01:02
    • Driver Information

      Now we add our personal information, such as our name, SSN, date of birth, Licence number, and address.

      There's also a checkbox that lets you indicate whether you drive with another rideshare company.

    • 02:12
    • Disclosure

      Here we're asked to acknowledge that we've read and agreed to a background check disclosure. We're then asked to authorize a background check.

    • 02:23
    • Vehicle Inspection

      We now schedule a vehicle inspection. Our expert and location are picked for us by default, but we can choose to change then by clicking the "View additional locations and dates" button.

      We're told which items we need to bring, before we add a date and time and continue.

    • 02:51
    • Application Status

      We're now done and we end up on an Application Status page. The next step is to complete the inspection.