Driver signup on Eaze (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Become a driver

      We get started by clicking the "Become a driver" button on the top left of the homepage.

    • 00:04
    • Get started

      We're now on a page that shares more details about the benefits of driving with Eaze. We click the "Get Started" button to continue.

    • 00:11
    • Sign up

      We then fill in the simple sign up form, and the following form asking for a couple more details.

    • 00:25
    • Choose a location

      We now pick a location from a list.

    • 00:31
    • Confirm requirements

      We're now on a page of requirements that we have to confirm we agree to.

    • 00:35
    • How did you find us?

      We then select one of the options of how we found Eaze.

    • 00:45
    • Success

      The online part of the application is now done. We're told to look our for an email about the status of our application.