Creating an event on Eventbrite (Desktop Web)

    • 00:02
    • Sign up

      To get started, we sign up so we can create an event.

    • 00:14
    • Welcome

      Now we've created an account, we're welcomed with a modal that gives us two options. The first is to discover an event and the second is to host an event. We go ahead and click on the "Host an event" option.

    • 00:21
    • Event details

      We now have an event details form to fill in. Here we add basics like the event title, location, and description.

    • 01:29
    • Create tickets

      We not have to create tickets for our events. Tickers can be free, paid, or "donation.

    • 02:05
    • Additional Settings

      Before publishing our event, we can add some additional settings such as listing privacy.

    • 02:16
    • Make your event live

      To create the event, we click the "Make your event live" button that's at the bottom of all the forms.

    • 02:25
    • Done

      Our event has now been created. We're prompted with a modal to add the event to Facebook.