Creating a meetup on Meetup (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Create a meetup

      On the top-left of the home-page, there's a "Create a Meetup" button. We click on that to get started.

    • 00:03
    • Hometown

      The first step is to click the location of the group. London is selected by default, but we can change that. London is correct in this case, so we click Next to continue.

    • 00:06
    • Topics

      We now add topics to indicate what the Meetup will be about. You can search for topics, then click the tags to select which topics your group will be about.

    • 00:21
    • Name & Description

      No we add a name and description for our group. If we struggle to think of a description, we can click a link to see some examples.

      This is pretty useful, as it can be tough to think of decent descriptions for these types of things.

    • 00:46
    • The guidelines

      This basic page lists some of the important guidelines about what a Meetup group should be. To continue, we click the Agree & Continue button.

    • 00:54
    • Select Subscription

      Here we select which subscription we want to sign up to (you have to be a subscriber to create groups).

      There's an indicator showing which tier is the most popular. We ignore that and go with the Basic plan.

      Once we select our tier, we're asked to select how long we want to subscribe for. We can subscriber for 6 months and save 33%, or subscribe for one month.

    • 01:07
    • Complete Payment

      We're now asked to enter our credit card details and complete the payment.