Buying something on Stylekick (iOS)

    • 00:01
    • Explore posts

      We start looking for items to purchase by exploring the posts. We do this by swiping through the images. If we want to purchase items from the images, we swipe up.

    • 00:08
    • Search

      We now tap on the search icon to find specific products. We look for a white shirt in this case.

    • 00:20
    • Product Page

      On a product page, you can see images of the product, a description, and related items.

      The main action buttons are Buy, Email Me, and Add to Sales Alerts.

      You can also share the product page using a pretty interesting "Drag to share" interaction.

    • 00:42
    • Buy

      When you tap on a "Buy" button, you're taken to an online page listing. You can't actually buy products from within this app.