Buying something on Lyst (iOS)

    • 00:10
    • Shop tab

      To get started, we click on the shop tab in the footer navigation menu. Here, we can either browse by category/store or search for items and brands.

    • 00:19
    • Search

      To start searching, we tap on the search field at the top of the screen. We get live suggestions as we type. In this case, we're searching for a white shirt.

    • 00:26
    • Search filtering

      Once we get our search results, we can filter and sort them using the buttons in the footer.

    • 00:46
    • Product page

      On the product page, you can see images, a description, price details, size details, and related products.

      The main actions here are "buy on store" and "save for later."

    • 01:19
    • Buy on store

      When we click the "buy on store" button, we're directed to the product's web page. We can't actually buy this white shirt within the app itself.