Backing a project on Indiegogo (Desktop Web)

    • 00:05
    • Back it

      You can back a project by clicking the "Back it" button in the header, or by selecting a reward from the side panel.

      Here we click the back it button. Doing this reveals a field and a "Check out" button. The field is where you put how much you want to pledge before checking out. It has suggested amounts of "$5, $25, $100" as a placeholder.

    • 00:17
    • Checkout

      Now we add our details and checkout. Here we use the "Guest Checkout" option, rather than logging in, and use PayPal as out payment method.

    • 00:40
    • Pledge complete

      After the payment, the pledge is completed.

      On this final page in the process, you're thanked for the pledge and asked to share the campaign with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Email.

      On the previous recording, you were prompted to "Stay connected to the campaign and manage your contribution by creating an account."

      That's not the case this time. In place of that prompt, there are now "Recommended campaigns"