Backing a project on GoFundMe (Desktop Web)

    • 00:05
    • Donate now

      We click the huge "Donate Now" button in the header to get started with the donation. The first step is selecting the donation amount.

      We then fill in a form of our basic details, including payment details (which are cut from the video).

      We can add an optional comment, then continue.

    • 00:36
    • Confirm

      Now we confirm the amount, payment details, and the email where we want to receive our receipt.

      This confirmation step wasn't in the previous recording at all.

    • 00:49
    • Share

      Now the donation is complete, a popup come up telling us sharing on Facebook can increase donations by 3x.

    • 00:52
    • Challenge 3 friends to give

      Another pop up asks us to challenge three friends to give.

    • 00:57
    • Thanks

      Now we're on the "Thank you" page. We're asked to take a moment to 'Like' the campaign and are given a link to share.

      We can also see more popular campaigns nearby.