Attending an event on Eventbrite (Desktop Web)

    • 00:01
    • Search

      We want to find an event to attend, so we start searching from the homepage.

    • 00:09
    • Event page

      The event page shows a large image of the event (or a similar event) and provides information about what it's about, when it is, and where it will be.

      To register, we click the large and very clear "Register" button.

    • 00:14
    • Ticket type

      We then select which type of ticket we want to reserve and checkout.

    • 00:22
    • Checkout

      On the checkout page, we can review the order before filling in the required details.

      Once we've added all the required details, we can complete the registration.

    • 01:12
    • Order complete

      Our order is complete. We're prompted with a modal to share the event on Facebook.

      Once that's dismissed, we see the event details and are encouraged to share the event on social media services again.