Applying as a company on Toptal (Desktop Web)

    • 00:03
    • Sign up

      To get started with our company application, we fill in a simple signup form

    • 00:30
    • Existing or new project

      Now we select whether we're hiring for an existing or a new project.

    • 00:39
    • Remote?

      Here we select if we're willing to work with a remote candidate.

    • 00:45
    • How soon?

      Here we select how soon we need the contractor.

    • 00:50
    • Phone/Skype

      Now we add a phone number or Skype username.

    • 01:10
    • Done

      Our application is now complete and we're told we'll hear from Toptal shortly. We can speed things up by answering a few more questions using the "Fast-track me" option.

    • 01:15
    • Fast track details

      We can now answer a few more questions to speed up our application.

    • 01:50
    • Done

      Our application is now fully complete.