Applying as a candidate on SpareHire (Desktop Web)

    • 00:02
    • Sign up as a professional

      To get started, we click the "get started now" button on the home page. When the modal pops up, we then select the "Apply to be a professional" option.

    • 00:06
    • Email & Password

      We now create our account with an email and password.

    • 00:24
    • Additional information

      Now we add some extra information, like our name, number, and location.

    • 01:03
    • Professional History

      Here we add our professional history. We can add one item for each previous project/job.

    • 01:57
    • Education history

      Now we add our education history.

    • 02:12
    • Attach files

      Here we attach our resume, profile photo, and work samples.

      We then select if we want our profile to be publicly visible or not.

    • 03:15
    • Submit

      Once we've added all our details, we can submit the application.

    • 03:24
    • Application complete

      Our application is now complete. We're told we'll hear from SpareHire soon.

      There are also share buttons for LinkedIn and Twitter in the modal that tells us our application is complete.