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Backing a project on GoFundMe (Desktop Web)
Inviting friends on Dasher (iOS)
Saving on Pinterest (iOS)
Deleting your account on Netflix (Desktop Web)
Applying as a company on Comatch (Desktop Web)
Deleting your account on Meetup (Desktop Web)
Listing a property on Airbnb (Desktop Web)
Creating a project on Expert360 (Desktop Web)
Ordering food on Prime Now (iOS)
Filtering on Gmail (iOS)
Onboarding on Instagram (iOS)
Attending an event on Eventbrite (Desktop Web)
Onboarding on Whale (iOS)
Onboarding on Netflix (Desktop Web)
Searching on Snapchat (iOS)
General browsing on Dasher (iOS)
Buying something on ASOS (iOS)
Onboarding on Time (iOS)
Settings on Expert360 (Desktop Web)